HERB'D® is the best probiotics I’ve taken! I’ve always suffered from constipation and this is probably the only probiotic that actually encourages a bowel movement. It did have an acquired taste initially but with time, it got better and I can actually say that I love how it taste now!

I now have no sign whatsoever of the previous respiratory issues I suffered with my breathing. I have also noticed that HERB'D® helps my body relax prior to going to sleep and I am finding the quality of my sleep has improved dramatically. I have also noticed much improved anxiety levels and much clearer cognitive thinking.

Highly recommend this all-natural probiotic superfood for anyone who is looking to maintain a healthy digestive system and to boost their immunity! Ever since I started taking this organic superfood, I no longer feel sluggish or bloated throughout the day. Most importantly, I can easily notice the difference with my body when I don't take it! I'm glad to say that HERB'D® is now an integral part of my daily intake.

This has helped me immensely with boosting my immune system. I now start my day feeling energized, not lethargic as I did before prior to taking HERB'D®. I believe the anti inflammatory ingredients have really helped my Lupus, with a dramatic decrease in joint and overall body soreness.

Since taking HERB'D® CPF Superfood, my overall well-being has been renewed. No more elevated anxieties, my sinuses are unblocked and a well rested nights sleep have been clearly noticed.

HERB'D® Probiotic Superfood gives me an edge in my gym workout. My energy levels have substantially increased whilst getting through the day with a lowered appetite.

As a family we can't live without the HERB'D® Complete Probiotic Fermented Superfood. My little 8 year old son enjoys 1/4 teaspoon as the first thing in the morning. Knowing full well that our immune system is strengthened whilst maintaining good gut health is essential for our wellbeing. Tastes great and easily absorbable. I would recommend it to everyone.

As a 53 year old male having played soccer and ridden both mountain and road bicycles for most of my life, it has taken a toll on my knees and ankles. I've tried many different products and none have helped with joint pain and inflammation as much as the HERB'D® range. I've been able to eliminate my knee pain and discomfort, noticing a faster recovery after a heavy soccer match. Thank you HERB'D®.

After a strict regimented use of the HERB'D® Probiotic Superfood, my bowel movements are well formed and consistently regular like clockwork. I no longer suffer from stomach bloating and continuous flatulence. My whole family takes it and every member has seen an improvement in their digestive wellbeing. It is certainly the most productive and effective probiotic that we've used.

Firstly, a big thankyou for bringing this product to life! It's helped me in more ways than one. I've tried a number of probiotics to improve my gut health over the past 6 months but with little improvement. I thought I'd try HERB'D® as it comprised of an extensive list of herbs and within a week not only did my gut health improve but my blood pressure went down and I wasn't even taking it for that!! So would I recommend HERB'D®, no question about it!! Thank you once again, I look forward to seeing what other products HERB'D® offers.

After taking HERB'D® Probiotic Fermented Superfood for a month, I've noticed that my sleeping patterns have improved and it has cleared much of my sinuses. I would certainly take anything that can help me breathe easy at night. This is certainly a regular product on my nutrient supplement shelf.

‘Healthy gut happy body', at any age and especially important for the aging HERB'D® your way to healthy gut - why wait and deprive your body to normalize blood pressure, build active body and rest with good sleep. Stay strong to weather 21st century chronic surprises like Covid19!!

Being a food lover, having a sensitive stomach is always a challenge when it comes to trying new things. HERB'D® helps ease my discomfort and gives me confidence to try whatever I feel like.. when I feel like. You gotta try it to believe it...